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Playa Del Carmen is located in the heart of the Riviera Maya, one hour away from Tulum and 45 minutes away from Cancun. The town lies directly on the Caribbean coast of Quintana Roo. Playa Del Carmen is a human size town: nowadays it counts about 200,000 inhabitants, providing a good dynamic to the town.

The streets are organized in such a way you can never lose yourself. There are two types of roads: the streets and the avenues. The streets or “calle” in Spanish are perpendicular to the sea. They are counted 2 by 2 (2nd, 4th, 6th …. 58th etc). Some of them possess “North” or “South“indication. Pretty simple: the North begins from Juarez Street up to Cancun (located in the North of Playa). The south part is simply the other side: from Juarez Street down Tulum (located in the South of Playa Del Carmen). The avenues are parallel to the sea. They go 5 by 5 (1st, 5th, 10th …115th etc).

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Let’s make a try: Where is the Coco Bongo? Coco Bongo is at the corner of the 10th and 12th.

You know that the avenues are from 5 to 5. Consequently, Coco Bongo is located on the 10th avenue with the 12th street. To reach that point, you just need to follow the numbers. More simple? Simply impossible!

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When you ask someone why they like Playa so much, they all answer: there is something special down here, something indescribable. They are all right!

Playa possesses a specific and unique feeling that you will not find anywhere else. You feel free here, free and alive. In fact, Playa is a melting- pot town. Its cornerstone has been built on every single nationality, trend, taste and culture. All of them are represented, alive and tangible. Each of them has brought a bit of its own country to implant it here.

The bohemian atmosphere of Playa Del Carmen offers you a blissful feeling. You always feel relaxed and happy. Acceptance of each other is the motto word. Everyone finds one’s own place and is fully accepted by the city and its inhabitants. No one is let out .

Finally, one of the strangest things about Mexico is, despite the macho reputation of the country, Mexico is one of the most tolerant and ACCEPTING countries in the world. And it ranks definitely before the developed countries. This tolerance and acceptance relies on its history. Homosexuality, especially in the Yucatan Peninsula, was tolerated by the Mayan culture. It was so well accepted that homosexuality was integrated in the ceremonial religious rites. In other words, living here in the Quintana Roo means living in a country where homosexuality has been accepted for more than thousand years. Little detail which means a lot.