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Weddings with Mayan rituals in Playa del Carmen


Couples from all over the world are coming to Playa del Carmen and other destinations in Riviera Maya to celebrate their weddings with an authentic traditional Mayan ritual. The ceremony uses ancient Mayan scripts and the Popol Vuh, the most sacred book for Mayans.

Mayan priests have celebrated weddings for couples from different countries like Japan and Australia. Europeans are also getting more interested in these types of ceremonies due to the increasing popularity of the Mayan culture.

According to the tradition, the priest has to get the approval from Hunab Ku and other deities that live inside the earth in other to join two souls for the eternity. Hunab Ku is the most important god for the Mayans and he protects married couples.

The price for a Mayan wedding goes from 15,000 to 20,000 Mexican pesos, but authentic priests do not charge for this service, you only pay for the decoration and props which can include musicians and dancers.

Ironically, Mexicans prefer the traditional catholic weddings.


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